Losing a Friend You May Have Never Known

Today we received the sad news that after much searching the wreckage of a small plane carrying Luke Bucklin and his sons, Nick, Nate, and Noah was found with no survivors. We, along with the rest of the technology community, friends and family are deeply saddened by this loss and send our prayers and condolences to his wife and family.

Many of us at Minnov8 had the pleasure of meeting Luke and if you had that same pleasure I’m sure, even while grieving his loss, you are grateful for having known him. Professionally, if you are a member of the interactive, web, or technology community and had never met him, you most likely know of him or know those impacted by him…thereby, touching you. Luke’s company, Sierra Bravo and it’s Nerdery were, are, and will continue to be true innovators. As a person, you just have to take a look at the Nerdery Blog to see how deeply employees felt about their leader, boss and friend. As a family man, your heart breaks just glancing at his wife Ginger’s blog. Such a brave woman to actively inform the world about the progress and ultimately sad conclusion of the search for Luke and their sons.

Luke’s humble attitude is exemplified by his comment in a Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal article (photo left); “We like to work on stuff and do a good job but we don’t do much chest-pounding.” Because of that attitude many outside the technology space may never know how they were impacted by Luke…but they were.

The technology and interactive community in the Twin Cities, whether you consider it big, small, active, or not, is a close one. Close enough to feel the loss of someone so important to it’s very existence…whether they met him or not.

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