Minnov8 Gang Podcast – Episode 6

Hosts: Steve BorschGraeme ThickinsPhil Wilson

We covered a lot of ground this week even though there were only three of us who could make the call. 

Mentioned in this weeks show are:

+ Why Broadband Matters: A MN Senate Full Committee Meeting on September 16th at 10am. “The Committee will receive testimony regarding the consumer benefits of broadband service in areas such as education, job opportunities, telemedicine, and access to government resources.” If you have an opinion or care about broadband in Minnesota, you should be there and/or testify.

+ Apple and the controversy over the rejection of an iPhone application from the app store called “Podcaster” (You can see a video of Podcaster, and/or order the application, here).

+ Graeme’s recap of Techcrunch 50 and Demo 2008. In particular, he brings up Best Buy’s Giftag launch (If you’d like to watch a video of the Best Buy Giftag launch at Demo, click “Continue Reading” below) as well as Grokit.

+ The Minnesota Cup showcased the winners and finalists last Thursday evening.

+ A mention of open source Moodle and the launch of Flowgram.



Best Buy Launch of Giftag at Demo 2008


+ Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal article here

+ More info is here on the Demo site

+ Read/Write Web’s coverage here

+ CNet’s article here.

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