Minnov8 Gang Podcast #48: Pushbuttons & Voice

pushbuttonThis Week’s Show Hosts: Steve Borsch, Phil Wilson and Julio Ojeda Zapata (Tim Elliott and Graeme Thickins are off today). Music by Chuck Willis from Music Alley, purveyor of podsafe tunes.

Discussed during the show notes:

+ Topics:
– The Pushbutton Web ( http://dashes.com/anil/2009/07/the-pushbutton-web-realtime-becomes-real.html ). Is this just a way for people to throw stuff up against the wall and see what sticks, or a fundamentally new way of inputting content that will be useful?
The “PBWeb” is really all about the shift in tools (like what I talked about at my SMBMSP preso at Deluxe) and how we can use them to deliver our content in a “publish once, distribute everywhere” model. Posterous.com, PixelPipe.com and plugins for WordPress like tWPter (http://www.bochgoch.com/page/plugin/wp_twptter/) and then the announcement by Typepad that they’re enabling microblogging (http://everything.typepad.com/blog/2009/08/the-best-of-both-worlds-microblogging-on-typepad.html) means that everyone is recognizing the need for us to publish short bursts in a microblogging way
(My SMBMSP talk)
– Themes are appearing like the Prologue Theme, P2. Prologue is a WordPress theme that turns your WordPress blog into a Twitter-like tool for organizing groups or whatever: http://p2demo.wordpress.com/
– Upcoming Microsoft retail stores. Is this smart, or is the company not capable of original ideas?: http://microsoftjobsblog.com/blog/microsoft-retail-stores-we-re-hiring/
photos: http://gizmodo.com/5322328/leak-inside-the-microsoft-store-with-wall+sized-screens-and-the-answers-bar/gallery/
– Twitter location-based tweeting. A good thing or a bad thing? http://blog.twitter.com/2009/08/location-location-location.html
– WHAT IS WITH THE SUDDEN UPTICK IN TWITTER, SKYPE AND EMAIL PORN JUST THIS WEEK!?! Not only have I been getting inundated with stuff, so have many others whom I follow.
– MIMA Summit; Pranah; SMBMSP next week at the State Fair
Google Insight & Google Trends & Alerts

+ The Pushbutton Web, a concept article by Anil Dash about a “publish once, distribute everywhere” model:

+ Upcoming Microsoft retail stores and that they’re hiring for them. Also, the Gizmodo ‘leak’ of a presentation/plan done for Microsoft on the store concept

+ Google Voice, Apple & AT&T controversy with the Federal Communications Commission asking for clarification on Apple disallowing Google Voice in the iPhone App Store. Apple’s, Google’s and AT&T’s respective responses.

+ MIMA Summit; and the Social Media Breakfast (SMBMSP) next week at the State Fair.


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