Minnov8 Gang 68: Falling Through the Cloud?

The reliability of the cloud is something that is discussed whenever there is a major outage of any kind. WordPress.com’s outage this past week took down sites like TechCrunch, GigaOM and over 10.2M other blogs. Media Temple (a place Tim and Steve host sites at) has consistent issues with slowness on their Grid Service and database calls (sometimes reeeeeally slow). All of our increasing reliance on the cloud is becoming more and more important as we shift our computing online.

We also discuss the Flash and iPad/iPhone controversy, Comcast bandwidth metering, upcoming events and more.

This Week’s HostsSteve BorschTim Elliott and Graeme Thickins (Phil Wilson is off this week)
Music by The Birdinumnums and the tune is “Thirteen Steps”. From the podsafe music network Music Alley.

Discussed during the show:


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