Minnov8 Gang 110 – ChitChat Chatter

The “socialization” and connection of seemingly all we do online increasingly centers around our social graph. Our first guest, Rick Mahn, consults in the social media sphere and runs the #1 Social Media Breakfast club (nationally) right here in the Twin Cities. Rick has a unique perspective on how organizations are applying social media for customer engagement, support and, unfortunately, more and more as a marketing channel rather than a conversational medium.

Our second guest, Fallon Director of Innovation Marty Wetherall, not only has delivered critically acclaimed work at this premiere ad agency, he is CEO of FanChatter, a “chat box” technology that aggregates, organizes and amplifies real-time social conversation. Listen as we discuss how “everything seems to be social” and its implications with these two leaders.

Hosts: Steve BorschTim Elliott, Graeme Thickins and Phil Wilson.
Music: Profetas is the artist & the song is “Baila” via the podsafe Music Alley.

Discussed during the show:



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