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We’re pleased to have Julio Ojeda Zapata on this week as our guest host. He’d been on an adventure to California speaking at Google as an author (of his “iPad Means Business” book), being briefed as press by Apple on behalf of his tech column at the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and visiting the new TWiT studio in Petaluma, CA. Besides seeing the new studio, Julio was in the audience for the iPad Today show and was also on as a guest for the this Tech News Today episode.

We also discuss the amazing patent wars going on with seemingly Apple and Microsoft on one side and Google on the other. It’s shaping up to be one incredible battle and we discuss it at length.

Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott, Graeme Thickins & Phil Wilson.
Music: “Meltdown Man” by Derek K. Miller via Music Alley.

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    I think it is super cool that Julio is frequently a guest on TWiT. I really loved his description of what it was like to visit TWiT. I really liked Julio’s rant on This Week in Start Ups and how Jason really kind of screwed over Leo (I’m a regular listern of TWiST, TWiT, and of course Minnov8).

    On the topic of Google’s campus, ask my brother Ryan about spotting Google founders at the Google campus some time;) I think it had something to do with volleyball.

    Keep up the good work gang!

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