Minnov8 Gang 206 – Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

When the group ‘Outkast’ delivered the line in their song “Hey Ya!” encouraging women on the dance floor to, “shake it like a Polaroid picture“—a reference to an old technique used by some photographers to dry the wet Polaroid film by shaking the picture helped it to dry faster—Polaroid put out a press release asking people NOT to wave around today’s Polaroid pictures since they didn’t need to dry them like that anymore.

We sure don’t have to deal with instant photo prints anymore, heh? On this podcast we talk about today’s Polaroid and lament (a bit) the passing of what one of us described as “the Apple of the 1970s”. But since we have on Julio Ojeda-Zapata, the show is quite upbeat as we talk about the latest-and-greatest technologies and hear from a guy who gets to play with most of them before he writes his articles for TwinCities.com on his tech blog or for the St. Paul Pioneer Press newspaper.

HostsSteve Borsch, Tim Elliott, Graeme Thickins, Phil Wilson and Julio-Ojeda Zapata.
MusicMy Baby Up and Left Me by The Blues Vultures. From the podsafe Music Alley.

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