Minnov8 Gang 215 – We be jammin’

We be jammin'Several good Minnesota stories this week, including about JamStik, a cool device that works with iPad for teaching guitar. We be jammin’ now, heh?

Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott and Graeme Thickins (Phil Wilson is off this week).
Music: Surfin’ with Slayer from Glitter Dick. From the podsafe Music Alley.

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  1. says

    Sorry Steve, we did have Tonettes here in MN – Where I grew up you had to take tonette lessons/classes before you could pick an instrument and get into the highschool band.
    By the way, I flunked tonettes – It has always been a family joke (especially with my mother) that I flunked but then was in two very successful rock bands.

  2. says

    Well….*we* had fluteaphones in Bloomington schools (http://goo.gl/xqabn) and I’ve heard that this is why we had such a superior education and never flunked anyone out of the class. Later I heard it was because the administration feared someone who flunked out would go on to be in a successful rock band. 😉

  3. says

    Probably why there were never any good rock bands from Bloomington – Nor any good music venues 😉

    Do you still have your Fluteaphone? I think I still have my Tonette – Probably still can’t play it.

  4. says

    “Do you still have your Fluteaphone?” Of course. You mean you haven’t seen me in “The Fluteaphone Jazz All-Stars” at the Dakota?

    Seriously though, the things were such cheap plastic they usually didn’t make it home when school was done.

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