Minnov8 Gang Podcast – Episode 22

garykoellingWe strive to deliver a high value podcast at an affordable price (um…that would be free?) and this week’s show is no exception as it’s packed with topics.

Today’s hosts: Steve BorschTim ElliottGraeme Thickins and Phil Wilson. (Photo credit: Lee Odden (TopRankBlogFlickr).

Joining us on the podcast is a brand new Minnov8 contributor and participant, Gary Koelling, who is Senior Manager, Social Technology at Best Buy Inc. After interactions with Graeme Thickins — who isn’t bashful about promoting Minnov8 — Gary decided he’d like to create for Minnov8 and completed the form (hint: you could too!).

Gary is the founder of BlueShirtNation.com, Giftag.com and leads several social technology projects within Best Buy. He describes himself as a tinkerer, gadfly (and an aspiring iconoclast), reader, tryer (someone who tries), teacher and listener (with a fairly tuned bullshit meter). Due to the success of the efforts he’s involved in, and the high profile of our hometown consumer electronics retailing giant, Gary has been able to talk to lots of people and companies around the country about social media and social technology.

Our favorite quote about his speaking around the country from his LinkedIn profile? “I don’t know if it’s helping, but I enjoy it.” We sure think so since he’s in-the-game, taking risks, experimenting and driving towards high value outcomes for his employer.

Here are links to sites, products or other resources discussed during the podcast:



  1. PXLated says

    Enjoyed the podcast as usual :-)
    Surprised to hear MTS mentioned and good to hear they are still doing well. Met Graeme there almost 40 years ago and we’ve been friends and associates ever since. Was a small company then that thought big and did marketing communications right. Three years there set up my whole career. Thanks MTS!
    Steve – You mentioned The Osborne Effect – it’s a myth, at least as far as Osborne goes… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Osborne_Effect#cite_note-0
    Keep up the good work guys.

  2. says

    Randy — You’re right…the Osborne Effect is a myth. The “Osborne Effect” link is to that same Wikipedia article.

    MTS is sort of a ‘quiet’ company, one I drive by nearly every day.

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