Minnov8 Gang #284 – Breakfast of Champions


Inventor Dean Kamen is on our minds since he was just in town as one of the keynoter’s for the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA) Summit. This guy is incredibly prolific which begs the question: Why isn’t Dean Kamen on a Wheaties box? Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott, Phil Wilson and Julio Ojeda-Zapata (Graeme Thickins is off). Music:…  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 283 – Open Mouth, Insert Foot


Like the women at the Grace Hopper Conference this week, the Gang was stunned that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said to women in attendance that they should ‘trust karma’ so they could expect pay equity (see Re/Code’s: Open Mouth, Insert Foot: Microsoft CEO Tells Women Techies to Trust “Karma” on Pay Inequity). To say that there was negative blowback…  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 282- Miss Fit


Tim’s “Cool Thing of the Week” inspired this week’s show name and image, but we had a lot more interesting stories to cover and did. Some serious, some not so much. Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott, Graeme Thickins and Phil Wilson. Music: Banjo Tango by Cynthia Sayer. Brought to us by the podsafe Music Alley. Discussed During the Show Minnesota’s Top Stories…  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 281 – Don’t Bash Me!


This week’s episode touches on our usual wide variety of topics, but one focus is on the “Bash Bug”, or what this article from TwinCities.com describes as: “Internet security experts are warning that a new programming flaw known as the “Bash Bug” may pose a serious threat to millions of computers and other devices such…  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 280 – Catch a Silicon North Star


Our guest this week is Steve Grove. Steve and his wife Mary, a husband and wife team, started Silicon North Stars, an initiative that brought 16 students from Minneapolis-St.Paul to spend one week in Silicon Valley this summer. They met with Internet and technology leaders from top companies, startups, and venture capital funds. The week began with an…  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 279 – Social Media Trends @SMBMSP


The Gang was pleased to have been invited to Social Media Breakfast #70 to host a panel discussion on Social Media Trends. We were very pleased to share the panel with, and gain the perspective of, local Social Media professionals Lisa Grimm of Space 150 (Twitter; LinkedIn) and Tony Saucier of Lifetime Fitness (Twitter; LinkedIn). Quick note…  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 277 – I’ve Heard It’s Big, Really Big!


Lots of rumors about Apple’s upcoming September 9th new product announcement. We discuss the iPhone 6 rumor, how big it is, how these new, big smartphones (dubbed “phablets” for phone/tablets) may be negatively impacting tablet sales, and a whole lot more. Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott, Graeme Thickins and Phil Wilson. Music: Love Dog by Chris Juergensen. Brought to us…  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 276 – A World’s Fair in the Land of 10,000 Lakes?


This week’s guest is Marty Wetherall, Director of Innovation at the ad agency Fallon. Through Fallon’s effort called Starter Kit, they have taken a role in driving awareness for Minnesota’s campaign, called Expo 2023, which is an effort to win the decision to host the World’s Fair in Minnesota in 2023. The guy behind the campaign is…  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 275 – Just Pee in the Fountains


Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott, Graeme Thickins and Phil Wilson. Music: Viejito 2053 by Juan Oskar. Brought to us by the podsafe Music Alley. Discussed During the Show Minnesota’s Top Stories HyperIQ Grows on Heels of Merger Samsung has acquired SmartThings for a reported $200M CenturyLink announces super-fast fiber Internet speed  MentorMate Acquired by Taylor Corp 2014 Titans of Technology…  [Read More...]