Minnov8 Gang 326 – Minnesota Ranked 21st at Ashley Madison?


The recently hacked website, Ashley Madison, was a horrific capture of user data and the posting of it online is perhaps one of the worst breaches of privacy ever. The fallout from its disclosure has only just begun: relationships and lives upended; trust betrayed; divorce proceedings started; and even extortion are already underway. Also, who knows what will happen locally. Minnesota was #21 on…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 325 – The Man In the Arena


In 1910, former president Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt (TR), gave an impassioned speech (PDF) at the Sorbonne in Paris. It included a paragraph that has been dubbed “The Man in the Arena,” a phrase which has become an apt metaphor for anyone in a situation that requires courage, skill or tenacity…vs. someone sitting in the stands as…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 324 – Beer. It is so much more than a breakfast food!


We always tease Graeme about his partaking of hospitality at various tech events he, and we, attend. But for good reason! Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott, Graeme Thickins and Phil Wilson. Music: Yet another Swing brother swing! by DJ Ecklectic Mick under a Creative Commons License. The Podcast Download or listen link Story Links Past Week’s Biggest MN…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 323 – Stagefright is VERY Scary


Performance anxiety, or fear of being in front of people and especially on-stage, can be crippling. It happens so often it even has a name we all know: stagefright. If you are one of the 950 million users of older Android-based devices, there is a new exploit for Android called ‘Stagefright’ and you should be filled…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 321 – Prime Saves a Dime


Amazon touted the great deals available during Amazon Prime Day this past week and they had good sales but not everyone thought so. Just before the show Phil stuck this funny Buzzfeed article about Amazon’s Prime Day fail into this week’s show notes and we found ourselves laughing out loud at some of the tweets…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 320 – #IoT Goes Mainstream … or Not?


Target Stores has an Internet of Things concept in San Francisco? We discuss that and a bit about Apple Homekit, Google’s Project Brillo and Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Azure as IoT platforms. With Target in the game as a mass market retailer, does this mean IoT has hit the mainstream? Find out on this week’s…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 319 – Technology is Everywhere…So Where are the Girls?


It seems like there has been lots of lip service paid to getting girls in to technology, while uncertainty seems to keep growing on exactly how to make that happen. The National Center for Women & Information Technology has this page with facts on “Girls in I.T.” (or just download the full report.) and it…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 318 – BuzzFeed, Marty & the iPhaser


We covered several important stories this week but were pleased that Marty Wetherall, Director of Innovation at Fallon & leader of StarterKit, could join us as our guest. Marty is a guy who is involved in lots of entrepreneurial, community and mentoring activities, two of which we talk about on this show. Hosts: Steve Borsch,…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 317 – In Jammies by the Lake


We always tease Graeme about podcasting from his cabin up north, wearing his up at the lake warm jammie pants (though in his defense, they likely fall more into the lounge wear category). Please note that none of us know if Graeme actually owns a onesie jammie set, with little ducks and bunnies on them,…  [Read More…]