Minnov8 Gang 319 – Technology is Everywhere…So Where are the Girls?


It seems like there has been lots of lip service paid to getting girls in to technology, while uncertainty seems to keep growing on exactly how to make that happen. The National Center for Women & Information Technology has this page with facts on “Girls in I.T.” (or just download the full report.) and it…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 318 – BuzzFeed, Marty & the iPhaser


We covered several important stories this week but were pleased that Marty Wetherall, Director of Innovation at Fallon & leader of StarterKit, could join us as our guest. Marty is a guy who is involved in lots of entrepreneurial, community and mentoring activities, two of which we talk about on this show. Hosts: Steve Borsch,…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 317 – In Jammies by the Lake


We always tease Graeme about podcasting from his cabin up north, wearing his up at the lake warm jammie pants (though in his defense, they likely fall more into the lounge wear category). Please note that none of us know if Graeme actually owns a onesie jammie set, with little ducks and bunnies on them,…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 316 – A Grand Day Out


Once again, Steve’s selection of music finds Phil and Tim a bit bemused and it reminds Phil of the claymation shorts and films starring Wallace & Gromit (Wikipedia; official site). Later on we mention the story, Could UFO sighting be sign Large Hadron Collider has created portal to another dimension? which is, admittedly, a stretch…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 315 – Flyin’ and Spyin’


Turns out this past week there was a mysterious low-flying plane over the Twin Cities which has raised questions of surveillance. The Minneapolis FBI office only says they don’t comment on “operational matters,” undoubtedly because they don’t want people like Phil to know they’re being watched.  😉 Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott, Graeme Thickins and Phil…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang Podcast & Memorial Day 2015


The Minnov8 Gang is off during the Memorial Day holiday and week. We’ll be back next week for another episode of the podcast. Along with others during this United States holiday, we salute the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and way of life. Memorial Day is a federal holiday…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 312 – Sure Wish They Delivered


Yep…we now have not one, not two, but three liquor delivery startups in the Twin Cities. Looks like anyone who wants to can get their thirst quenched easily, quickly, while still in their jammies. Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott and Phil Wilson (Graeme Thickins is off). Music: Jugo Blues by Jano GonzĂ„lez under a Creative…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 311 – Talk to me Mickey!


While Phil and Steve await their Apple Watches, Graeme already has his and loves his Mickey Mouse face. Um wait…did Disney get a new Mickey? Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott, Graeme Thickins and Phil Wilson. Music: Swing the Future by The Fearless Band under a Creative Commons License. The Podcast Download or listen link Story…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 310 – Why I Love Steroids


Though we’ve never actually seen our guest-host, Julio Ojeda-Zapata, take anabolic steroids—nor have we experienced, or even heard about, any ‘roid rage incidents he has been in—we do know he’s incredibly strong and ripped which will help him continue to lift all the tech gadgets he receives when they arrive. Most importantly, Julio is quite…  [Read More…]