Minnov8 Gang Podcast & Memorial Day 2015


The Minnov8 Gang is off during the Memorial Day holiday and week. We’ll be back next week for another episode of the podcast. Along with others during this United States holiday, we salute the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and way of life. Memorial Day is a federal holiday…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 312 – Sure Wish They Delivered


Yep…we now have not one, not two, but three liquor delivery startups in the Twin Cities. Looks like anyone who wants to can get their thirst quenched easily, quickly, while still in their jammies. Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott and Phil Wilson (Graeme Thickins is off). Music: Jugo Blues by Jano Gonzålez under a Creative…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 311 – Talk to me Mickey!


While Phil and Steve await their Apple Watches, Graeme already has his and loves his Mickey Mouse face. Um wait…did Disney get a new Mickey? Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott, Graeme Thickins and Phil Wilson. Music: Swing the Future by The Fearless Band under a Creative Commons License. The Podcast Download or listen link Story…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 310 – Why I Love Steroids


Though we’ve never actually seen our guest-host, Julio Ojeda-Zapata, take anabolic steroids—nor have we experienced, or even heard about, any ‘roid rage incidents he has been in—we do know he’s incredibly strong and ripped which will help him continue to lift all the tech gadgets he receives when they arrive. Most importantly, Julio is quite…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 309 – iPhone! No, Android!


With our own iOS vs. Android discussions, we had to chuckle over one story today about roommates stabbing each other with beer bottles in iPhone vs. Android dispute since it’s clear things get heated when discussing their respective merits. Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott and Phil Wilson (Graeme Thickins is off). The Podcast Download or listen…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 308 – Not an Apple Watch


We recorded this show at Minnebar, a 1,000+ strong attended technology event held at the headquarters of Best Buy. Yep…we talk about the Apple Watch which, unfortunately, will cause Graeme to ditch his trusty 1978 vintage Timex.  😉 Hosts: Steve Borsch, Graeme Thickins, Phil Wilson & Julio Ojeda-Zapata (Tim Elliott is off). Music: No More Blues…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 307 – Geeks Are NOT Funny


Thankfully April Fool’s Day has passed since none of us think that geeks are funny…especially Steve! Of course, you can decide for yourself by looking at the best and worst ones in the tech world here. Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott, Graeme Thickins and Phil Wilson. Music: Short Blues Rock by johnmortiboy under a Creative Commons…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 306 – Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Tech Events


Wow! There are an accelerating number of technology events going on in Minnesota, which is both good news and disconcerting. It’s positive since it proves that Minnesota is rapidly becoming a startup and technology hub, and concerning because it is increasingly hard to get to them all! Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott, Graeme Thickins and Phil…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 305 – Tim’s Lead Underwear


One of the things we talk about on this week’s show is the danger of RF radiation with connected, wearable devices in contact, or close to, your body. Though I joke on the show about wearing lead underwear (like Tim’s), maybe this is something we should be worried about with our current devices and future…  [Read More…]