Minnov8 Gang 297 – We Found Bigfoot


Skymall has declared bankruptcy!?! Say it isn’t so. Now we’ll never be able to buy another lifesize Bigfoot statute for $2,250 again. Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott, Graeme Thickins and Phil Wilson. Music: Silent Fog by Dave LaGrande. Brought to us by the podsafe Music Alley. The Podcast Download or listen link Story Links Past Week’s Biggest MN Stories Minnesota’s New Cool Image…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 296 – Too Many Horses!


The show tagline Too Many Horses is all about the intro for Steve’s Security Tip of the Week…or is it? Instead, maybe it’s Tim’s Budweiser shipment has arrived and he’s unhappy he now has to clean up after the Clydesdales; Phil realizes, like 1930s actor John Barrymore’s famous quote,  there are too many horses, and not enough time; or…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 295 – Do NOT Eat the Super Cookies!


Lots of news this week, especially since the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show just ended. Graeme Thickins was there and we’ve also linked to several recaps so you can see more. Unfortunately it looks like we have yet another privacy-breaching tracker ‘super cookie’ in our midst and we talk about that too. One privacy bright spot potentially? There is legislation…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 294 – The CES Lounge Singer

Graeme is headed to Las Vegas for the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show and will be performing his lounge act, no doubt. (Actually, he’s working with some of his Minnesota clients showcasing their offerings at the show, but who knows?). Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott and Phil Wilson (Graeme Thickins is off). Music: Handful of Stars by Midnight Music Quartet. Brought…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 293 – 2015 Predictions Show


What predictions for 2014 did we hit? Miss? And what do we predict for 2015? Are we the four Christmas wisemen or something else? Listen to this show and find out. Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott, Graeme Thickins and Phil Wilson. Music: Merry Christmas Baby by Calvin Owens. Brought to us by the podsafe Music Alley. The Podcast Download or listen…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 292 – You Need a ‘Cone of Silence’


As you’ll hear about in the podcast in ‘Steve’s Security Tip of the Week’, now anyone can listen in on your mobile phone calls. Reminded us of the 1960s spy show Get Smart and how we need their Cone of Silence (video)! Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott, Graeme Thickins and Phil Wilson. Music: Xmas Blues by Boo Boo Davis. Brought…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 291 – Tim is NOT happy!


Poor Vikings fanboy Tim Elliott. He doesn’t understand why Vikings RB Adrian Peterson’s suspension appeal denied by arbitrator. The other three of us, um, shook our shoulders and went on to talk technology innovation! Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott, Graeme Thickins and Phil Wilson. Music: The Complainer’s Boogie Woogie by William Clarke. Brought to us by the podsafe Music Alley. The Podcast…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 290 – Adorable Doggie Mascot


We are huge fans of the tech reporting done by Julio Ojeda-Zapata, so we couldn’t help but chuckle at his characterization of Target’s mascot dog “Bullseye” as an “adorable doggie mascot.” Never missing a chance to poke fun, we ended up with his perspective as our show title, while taking a few liberties with our own characterization…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 289 – I *LOVE* My TV


Julio Ojeda-Zapata from St. Paul Pioneer Press’ TwinCities.com (Julio writes YourTechWeblog) joins us and, during our “Black Friday Deals” discussion, we learned that Julio absolutely LOVES his TV…so much so that he hugs it. Um…OK.   Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott and Julio Ojeda-Zapata (Graeme Thickins and Phil Wilson are off). Music: 4.23 by Chris Greene Quartet. Brought to us by…  [Read More…]

Minnov8 Gang 288 – Don’t Stick It In Unless You Know Where It’s Been


The Security Tip of the Week, and the basis for the innuendo in the title, is to point out the danger of sticking any-old USB thumb drive in to your computer and why. Listen to find out more. Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott, Graeme Thickins and Phil Wilson. Music: Wah Blues by Nite Kats. Brought to us by the podsafe Music…  [Read More…]